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Photo Gallery

Large Pondless Waterfall:
This waterfall is about 18 feet tall with the top cascade being about 3 feet wide. Each of the moss boulders used the waterfall weighs between 1,000 – 2,000 + pounds.
Herb Garden Wall:
We built this wall to accommodate an herb garden the homeowner was going to plant. It is built to look like it has been there for years, so we used tumbled stone in a random pattern.
Tumbled Stone Wall:
A closer view of the wall shows 2 Pink Double Knock Out Roses with trellis’ behind them. Each stone was carefully placed with the goal of not wasting any stones and adding many interesting designs
Night Waterfall:
This is a picture of the large pondless waterfall at night. What a difference some low voltage lights can do to highlight the water and boulders.
Night Path:
This is a pathway through a xeric prairie garden. The beautiful thing about this is that it was taken in January! Landscaping can be interesting all day and all year if done right.
Bench at Night:
This was taken of a nice sitting area in a xeric prairie garden. This is in the middle of January and it is still very interesting to look at, even at night.
Ashlar Wall:
The stone used here was the same stone used to build the amphitheater in Lions Park. We hand chiseled and placed each stone. It is very strong too. Notice the moss boulders sitting right on top. This is 1 of 3 walls in the back yard.
Prairie Golf:
Golf in a landscape? Why not. The homeowner is a huge fan of golf and wanted us to build him a fun little golf course. The course has 3 tee boxes, 2 sand traps, and 1 golf ball cleaner.
Piece of Paradise:
This is a small yard in the avenues that we transformed from just grass and mud into a piece of paradise. A small waterfall and pond is just outside a bedroom. This yard also has 2 Flagstone patios, a path, a grass area and over 50 shrubs and perennials.
Large Pondless:
This waterfall could have been taken right out of the mountains and put into this yard. It wasn’t ,because that would be wrong. We built it using large moss boulders, river rock, a 10,000 gallon per hour pump, and some imagination.
Flowers and Waterfall:
This shows some yellow Yarrow, Wild Shrub Rose, Blue Gramma Grass, and Karl Forster with a nice waterfall and stream for sound and movement.
Natural Pond and Stream:
We built this waterfall is in a back yard north of 4 mile rd in the prairie. All the trees and flowers were planted to make it look like the mountains. Also, the fallen tree and stump were brought in, and made to look like a beaver chewed the tree and it fell across the pond and waterfall.
Inviting Lighting:
Lighting in the front garden and entryway make the home safer and more inviting. The old lamp on by the steps was 110 volts originally, but we pulled out the old wires, and retrofitted it with new low voltage components. This makes it blend in with the other low voltage lights, and makes it more energy efficient.
Front Porch Lighting:
Just a few lights make a big difference. They highlight the architectural details while making it safer and more inviting.
Small Seating Area:
This area is very inviting and is very cozy. It is simple, yet attractive and useful.
Prairie Xeriscape:
A beautiful view and a excellent use of space. This is a xeriscape garden in the prairie north of Cheyenne. Very colorful and rich in texture, also it is has year round color and interest.
Redwood Bench:
This is a sturdy, custom redwood bench. It is hand distressed and very durable. Notice the horseshoe pit in the background that we also built. Have fun with your landscape!
Night Seating Area:
This cozy sitting area, is enhanced by the lighting. It makes the area safer, comfortable, and inviting.
Clean and Simple:
Sometimes making things clean and simple is the best option. It makes the yard and home more valuable without having to spend a lot of money.
Detailed Arbor:
We built this arbor out of cedar and redwood. All the posts and supports are carefully hand distressed. We beat the wood up, shaved parts off, chiseled it, cut it, sanded it and stained it to achieve this look.
Circle Patio:
A large patio serves as dining and entertaining area while adding interest in the landscape. The circle stepping stones are custom built to match the design and landing area from the deck.
Commercial Rock Garden:
This is a burst of color at a busy intersection. Many people think businesses need boring landscaping with only some grass and trees. This landscape is very low maintenance, low water use, and very interesting in design and color.
Square Fountain:
A disappearing water fountain can be built anywhere in a landscape. It doesn’t use up a lot of space, has soothing sounds, adds movement to the landscape and is more affordable the larger ponds or waterfalls.
Tropic container:
What a burst of color and interest! A professionally designed and planted container garden can add beauty to any landscape, porch, or business.
Container Garden:
Container gardens ,such as this one, add color, interest, and value. They are the new low maintenance, affordable hot item!
Timber Stairs:
Steep slopes are made useful by building a staircase. This one is built from 6 x 6 treated timbers. Not only are they useful and safe, they add interest in the landscape.
Small Garden:
This small garden was once a flat boring area between 2 driveways. By adding a small rock garden the area now provides privacy, interest, fragrance, and year round color.
Raised Garden:
A boring front yard can be easily transformed into something you can be proud of. We dry stacked Siloam stone to make a planting area with a moss boulder for a bench to sit on.
This is what Xeriscaping means. It is not just boring rock. It can be incredibly beautiful, low water use, low maintenance. It just takes planning ahead and common sense with a little imagination.
Front Brick Patio:
We created a private sitting area in the front yard by building a brick patio and surrounding it with trees and perennials.
Small Pondless Waterfall:
This is a soothing mountain stream in the front yard of a home. We used moss rock to create the stream. Then we surrounded it with flowers including the pink Rock Soapwort at the bottom.
Random Pattern Brick:
Our attention to detail is exemplified here in the brick. Each brick was carefully selected for color balance and placed in an attractive random pattern. Also the curved “soldier course” or brick finishes off the patio and separates the grass from the patio.
Backyard Living:
This once was a dirt yard with a horrible slope in it. Now it is a usable attractive space.
Problem Solved:
The old yard was just dirt and mud. The dog wouldn’t even go in the backyard. But we transformed it into a beautiful, functional space.
Conversation Area:
We built this conversation area into the retaining wall to create a peaceful area to sit down and chat, while enjoying the serene view.
Retaining wall and Brick Path:
Once a problem area and maintenance nightmare, this new landscape is useful and attractive. The wall and path complement each other and fit well into the landscape.
Sunset Arbor:
A beautiful view of the sunset from just east of Cheyenne. We built this arbor with a flagstone patio to add more usable space and shade.
Heirloom Fountain:
This fountain is over 100 years old and has been passed down a the homeowners family for years. It was not functioning, and we restored it while adding a beach pebble and brick base. The brick is half original brick from the original fountain and half new brick we distressed to age the brick.
Patio and Waterfall:
On a steep slope we built a granite retaining wall with a flagstone patio. Then we built a waterfall next to it to add soothing sound and interest.
Granite Retaining Wall:
We constructed a wonderful back yard by using many trees, shrubs, perennials, a pondless waterfall, and 2 retaining walls with a flagstone patio.
Timber Steps and Planters:
Many homes have a steep side yard. We built these steps for safety. planters on the side add space for future plantings.
Large Flagstone Patio:
View from the top. This large flagstone patio shows how interesting and detailed a high quality patio can really be.
Flagstone Detail:
In this patio, we added 2 paths with steps onto the patio. Also notice the staircase in the background. We matched the gray and red colors from the deck into the patio. We used Colorado Red Flagstone and Black Crushed Granite( breeze).
Curved Brick Patio:
This brick patio adds space for entertaining and a beautiful focal point where the new flowers are planted. A lot of attention to detail.
Brick Step:
A beautiful path from the back door leads out to the patio. Notice the detail in the curved step.
Curved Brick Path:
The attention to design and detail made this yard a success! Practical and beautiful blend so well in these paths.
Bluestone Patio:
This patio creates an outdoor space that is attractive and useful. Here we used a unique Pennsylvania Bluestone to build the patio.
Smart Backyard:
If you saw this yard before, you would not believe this is the same place. Drainage problems, weeds, dirt and dead grass were eliminated. We built rock berms,flower gardens and a new grass area makes this yard an enjoyable place to be.
Business Beautification:
This award winning landscaping at Jonah Bank is a prime example of what can be done for businesses and homes as well. The attention to detail can only be appreciated by visiting and exploring the entire property.
Channel 5 Weather Deck
We were privileged to design and create a new Weather Deck for News Channel 5 in Cheyenne. We thought we would try to create a natural environment that can be appreciated year round. The rains will come, flowers will bloom, colors will change, and snow will fall. Whatever season, Wyoming is a great place to live.
Custom Firepit and Benches
This gas firepit was built with Quartzite stone and will warm anyone who is near. The rustic benches were distressed and metal straps were added to make an authentic look. Also, we made a custom iron and branded the wood to make the pieces unique to the client.
Custom Pergola and Western Gate
What once was an eyesore, a dumspter in driveway, is now a focal point of the entrance. This structure adds security, protection and most of all, beauty.
Front Yard With Variety
Several elements are used here to make a useful interesting front yard. We built retaining walls, steps, path and rock garden. Also, a flower bed and small amount of grass make the hardscape softer and colorful.
Glowing Cascade
What a highlight to a grand waterfall. The effect of lighting on water is spectacular. Year round interest, movement and color. This will relax you after a hard day of work.
Large Pottery Fountain
This pottery is a great addition to a local business. That water gently flows down the sides of the pot and disappears into the flowers. Great ambiance!
Mountain Waterfall:
This feature is close to 20 feet tall and disappears into a pool behind the Echinacea flowers in the foreground. Large boulders were used to retain the steep hillside. A lot of design and hard work make this feature very unique and inspiring.
Natural Bridge Over Stream:
A great view of an inviting water feature. The bridge brings people from the house toward the patio. Even though the bridge is incredibly strong and attractive, the owners dogs prefer to run through the stream and cascades!
This backyard has incredible landscaping and waterfalls, but could only be enjoyed during the day. Well, at least until we added the artistic lighting. Not only does it enhance the landscape, it makes you feel like you’re at a fancy resort.
Patio and Stone Wall:
This patio transformed a steep useless hill into a great place to entertain. The wall adds privacy and a place to sit and enjoy a cold drink. Imagine you and your friends here grilling food outside and enjoying a great sunset!
Pergola and Patio:
The sliding doors that open to the living room used to let in the scorching afternoon sun. Now the pergola shades the inside, which makes the home cooler and saves on utility bills. The patio extends the living room to the outdoors.
Retaining Walls and Stone Steps:
A steep hillside will always be headache as long as it stays that way. When you add a retaining wall, you can actually have a yard to enjoy. Then add some interest like: boulders, shrubs, stone steps, and maybe a waterfall. Now instead of a headache, you can have peace of mind.
Room with a View:
This is the view of the backyard from the bedroom window. Not only is it appealing, but the sound the waterfall makes will relax you. As the trees and shrubs grow, so does the beauty.
Smart Business Smart Landscaping:
Most businesses want people to come in,get what they need, and leave. This bank wants people to enjoy their visit while taking care of business. This is very inviting. The pergola actually hides a large electrical tranformer, but you would never guess it is there.
Sparkling Waters:
You can almost hear the water flowing down the face of the moss rock. A natural pool spills over into a creek that continues to flow down hill. A great welcome to anyone who comes to visit.
Stacked Granite Wall:
The hillside was all grass in the past. Now it is a feature for flowers, shrubs and lighting at night. The yard is less dangerous for mowing and uses less water. The mountain granite is stacked carefully to make the planting terraces as attractive as possible.
Vista Grande:
This ‘Great View’ shows what landscaping can do for a home. Custom made crushed granite concrete and timbers form a path and stairway through the landscape. The waterfall and stream ebb and flow through the granite hillside. Mugo pines and Sumacs and color year round. Look closer and you can see a beach entrance to the stream and stepping stones crossing the creek.
Winter Falls:
What a contrast to the harsh winter snow. The water feature can be enjoyed throughout the year. It will bring a smile to your face as you look outside and see this view.
Winter Pergola:
Pergolas add protection from the harsh sun in the summer, but can also add winter interest. We can add heaters and pergola covers to extend your outdoor experience all year long.
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