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What to Expect

If your like most people, you want landscaping done for your home, but you are wondering:

  • How much will it cost?
  • When can it be done?
  • How will everything get done?
  • What’s the process and what happens next?

Well, we can help you out. We will briefly explain what you can expect, and how the process works. Check out the before/during/and after pictures to see just a few examples.

First contact
The first step in the “Creation Process” is to set up an appointment that is convenient for you. On this appointment we can discuss your needs and wants. We will identify the problem areas and things that need to be done. Then we will address the fun part: your wants. This is when we can share ideas, discuss designs, and whatever you want. As we walk around the future “Piece of Paradise” we can visualize the new landscape and how things will get done. After we have brainstormed together, our designer will repeat the items you want done in order of importance. This helps everyone to be clear on what will happen. Don’t worry about trying to tell us everything all at once either. If you want to search out some ideas for your yard, that’s great! Look around town, online, books, magazines, TV shows, anything. Let us know your ideas and we will figure out the best way to use it in your yard. Sorry, palm trees and orange trees don’t grow well here. But we can use our imagination.

 Next step
After our designer has the information needed the next thing to do is to work up an estimate. Depending on the size and design of the project, we are sometimes able to give you an estimate on the first visit! No waiting! Some designs are more detailed and would be better if we typed them up at our local office. Then we can send it to you via mail or e-mail It, whichever you prefer. Any questions, concerns, changes are welcome.

We do this because the estimate is also the contract to do the work. We send you 2 copies, one is for your personal records, and one is to sign and return to us. We request a 50% deposit to schedule the work to be done. This lets us know when you are serious and expedites the start of your project.

 It begins
Once your scheduled time for work approaches, we will call so you know when to expect us. The first thing you will notice is that their will be colorful spray paint on your yard. That’s not graffiti. Those paint lines are the utilities in your yard. We call for “Locates” on all the jobs we will be doing any major digging. You don’t have to worry about it.

 Now, its time to get dirty. Every project is unique, but some typical things to expect are:
Dirt on sidewalks, dust, pipes sticking out of the ground, rock in the street while we unload it, water in the yard or street, A section of fence taken out for access, Machinery, Noise, Trucks and trailers coming and going, Piles of dirt, rock, mulch, etc, Temporary movement of garden decorations, Foot traffic, or wheelbarrow and machinery traffic in yard, somebody resting or taking a break, maybe more.

 We are not trying to scare anybody, but we are being honest and just letting you know of some things that may happen. Here are some other things to expect from us:
Honesty, hardwork, Polite workers that enjoy working with each other, Laughter, Cleaning up after ourselves, Attention to detail, Redoing things until we are satisfied, Courteous and friendly workers, Smiling, Asking questions of either you or the designer, The owner of the company may stop by to answer questions, Taking pictures of work before and after, Teamwork, Putting things back the way we found them, And more.

 Finished Product (see photo gallery)-

Before any project is finished we do a walk thru of the project with the team leader and designer. Also, the team leader or designer will walk thru with you to make sure everything is to your satisfaction. Once the project is completed, we will send you an invoice of the total amount of work done. If there were any changes, additions, or upgrades the invoice will show those. We will also give you any compost receipts (needed to get a watering permit from the B.O.P.U.) and warranties that we offer. If you need any maintenance going forward, just ask us about the programs we offer. We also offer extended warranties on some of our services and products.

Now that the project is finished, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the new “Piece of Paradise.” All without having to break your back.

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